What is Estrace vaginal cream

Its name is well-known brand “borrowed” from a small resort town of France. The healing properties of local thermal springs townspeople enjoyed in the Middle Ages, and the real resort of Estrace vaginal cream was only in the sixteenth century, the efforts of Henry IV. With it, an ordinary-looking provincial town on the banks of Allier turned into a posh royal residence, and in the local sources with pleasure cured fatigue, melancholy and skin ailments of the French aristocrats. Miraculous waters, floral scents, peace and quiet of the town gave the charm of Eden, and to visit this paradise on earth the strongest of the world did not cease for centuries. But only the enlightened nineteenth century opened the way for serious research of the thermal waters of Estrace vaginal cream.

The company Estrace vaginal cream was founded in 1931 by businessman Georges Geren and doctor Prosper Aller. And the solution appeared after Geren himself experienced the miraculous healing power of the thermal spring Lucas. In the thirties, cosmetologists still did not divide the skin into types and did not consider it a vital organ of the human body, and Geren and Aller decided to challenge this postulate. They formulated their idea in a set of rules, called “Secrets of Estrace vaginal cream”, which today define the philosophy of the brand. In the fifties, the already popular trademark Estrace vaginal cream was bought by the cosmetic concern L’Oreal, and since 1955 the brand’s preparations have only been sold in pharmacies. The development of the company’s funds was based on medical methods with a rigorous evaluation of the result, and at the same time a huge work began on training apothecary personnel,

The turbulent eighties and nineties changed the attitude of women towards themselves, to an appreciation of beauty and attractiveness, and this change of mood was the beginning of the “golden era” of Estrace vaginal cream’s designs. The brand literally exploded with a firework of discoveries: the Aminexil complex against hair loss , Capital Soleil sunscreen, LiftActiv lifting equipment, the Normaderm problem skin series, etc. And in 1987, the line of men’s cosmetics Basic Homme also appeared.

Today, the range of Estrace vaginal cream covers all types of skin problems and is presented in series:

  • Normaderm – for problem and oily skin . Recommended for men and women with blockage of pores, bumpy and tarnished skin;
  • Purete Thermal is a cleansing line for all skin types;
  • Aqualia Thermal – moisturizing and nourishment ;
  • Aqualia Antiox – series for correction of color defects;
  • Lipidiose Nutritive – means for dry skin care;
  • Myokine – drugs to combat the first mimic wrinkles;
  • Liftactiv Retinol – line for correcting age wrinkles;
  • Liftactiv CxP – preparations for lifting and improving the elasticity of the skin;
  • Neovadiol GF – a series of products that increase the density of aging skin;
  • Cellebiotic is a line of skin care products for aging skin.

In general, therapeutic estrace vaginal cream are designed for specific care, correction of cosmetic deficiencies, pathological skin conditions. Simply put, it is needed to solve serious problems of a dermatological nature. This type of estrace vaginal cream can be purchased at pharmacies and certain online stores.

Estrace vaginal cream coupon

Cosmetic products, which are today called medical estrace vaginal cream, appeared relatively recently, i.e. in the early 70’s. XX century in Europe. Initially, therapeutic estrace vaginal cream coupon were created for people who have certain dermatological problems. The problem skin, taking into account its specificity, was needed not only in the treatment, but also in hydration, nutrition, protection, which was beyond the power of mass estrace vaginal cream. Medical estrace vaginal cream are much more active and effective than any other analogues. It is able to solve such problems that were considered dermatologically insignificant in comparison with skin diseases, and were considered cosmeticians very difficult.

It should be noted that therapeutic estrace vaginal cream is something in between medications and, in fact, estrace vaginal cream. It usually does not cause allergies.

To note, Estrace vaginal cream estrace vaginal cream are designed to help restore and preserve the natural functions of the skin. After all, its main components are the latest scientific developments in the field of biotechnology, molecular biochemistry and other disciplines, which are directly related to the regulation of various metabolic processes in the skin. We are talking about highly effective substances, both synthetic and of natural origin, which can affect the functional activity of skin cells. Contains certified oils and extracts. Vicky’s arsenal has estrace vaginal cream for proper skin care of all four existing types: normal (clean, without rash, spots and scaling), dry (flaking and flaccid, especially on cheeks), greasy (coarse, shiny, earthy) and Combined (combining all the signs of oily and dry).

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